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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unclaimed Kaleidoscope…

I tried to commemorate the happenings upside down to the best of my memory.

In a slight confusion, either to curse the design of the omnipresent omnipotent looking at the miniature kids who were left with His love alone or to praise Him to be present in few lovely humanitarians to save this minuscule angels from all the readymade traps available in the society, I stood alone, after everybody left Bethel home, waiting for Jaishree to finish her class and drop me in bus stop contemplating everything that has happened since the idea of getting new dresses for kids had its inception.  Few kids came running to me as if they know me for years and dragged me to join their game.

We formed two teams and I loved when all the little ones wanted to be in my team.  Somehow I managed to form two teams and searched for one among them that at least reached to my waist in height to nominate her as captain.  And my captain explained me the game, I nodded in agreement even though I understood the game my least.  The game started.

My captain walked to team mates, one by one sitting, clutched their hair pulled their head down to her side and said something in their ears.  In my urge to know what she is whispering in their ears, I waited impatiently and my turn came. I thought she would not clutch my hair since I am the elder most and tallest among them, meanwhile I am thinking, a hand held my hair tight, pulled and whispered “Mango” in my ear.  Oh God! I know this game, I understood the game.  Each team as to select an entity say fruits, flowers etc., and every team mate will be named correspondingly, that is why she whispered “Mango” in my ear, and the captain will reach the other team, choose one of them and close their eyes to call out a name, say a fruit name, so that her team mate who holds that name will go reach them and pinch the nose of the opponent and will go back to their place (My captain strictly said not to pinch but only touch for those miniatures will cry when pinched, even slightly).  The game goes on this way as the person has to find who has touched their nose from the opponent team.

When my turn came I reached out my opponent and pinched her nose very slightly and returned to my place.  Immediately after my captain took her hands from my opponent’s eyes, without even thinking for a second, she pointed her finger at me.  When asked how she identified that it is me, she said ‘you pinched my nose and nobody else here will do that” and laughed.  ‘Brilliant little ones’ I thought.

I have played this game very long back when I was a miniature and those kids brought it to my memory as if my brain had had prenatal memory.

We played yet another game before this; the catcher will catch as many as she can and arrest them inside a circle and the others has to come touch them to release them from the circle.  Oh, I ran as fast as possible, thought the catcher could not catch me, I could not withstand before their stamina and enthusiasm and was caught finally, but I loved it when the other little honey bunches tried very, very hard to escape me out of the circle.  At the end of the game everybody surrounded me to give me a hug.  O! Lovely feel it was.

            And this little angel, Radha, I knew not the reason but she felt very comfortable with me and hugged me whenever I went near her.  She was sad and literally cried when I bid her goodbye.

Somebody told me; to love or care any girl you need to look at her with the eyes of her father, and I felt euphoric when she hugged me and hanged out on me.  May be, it could be intense between a father and daughter.

Mixed with love and blessings of all those who contributed, we presented them the dresses. The happiness that we saw in their faces is like as if their parents turned to them and presented them the dresses.  Their smiles gave meaning to the call ‘Adopt a child for a day’; we did justice for the kindness of all those who responded for the call.

Within minutes a few little honey bunch went inside and came back colorfully in their new dress.  The first comment I heard from someone standing behind me is ‘perfect size’ (credit goes to Nisha, Revathi and kutty Revathi).  Eyes those missed that colors on those kids, which they presented with a blend of smile and joy, have missed the joy of looking into the most wonderful kaleidoscope of the world.  God could have been little more concerned about those wonders to make them stay with their families instead of making them an unclaimed kaleidoscope. 

Before we presented the dresses and sweets they sang songs for us from bible and it is marvelous to experience such coordination.

I felt Siragugal has become more like a family and the visits we do are like family gathering where we cherish the togetherness.  I felt happy to see Venkat and Raja with their family being along with them feels like meeting close relatives after a long time ( since we met in Gnanadarshan home for visually challenged girls last month)

Aha! And there came the ladies, Nisha, Revathi and kutty Revathi (who reached the home before time), they were the three who took care really to pick up right dresses in right size for those little angels.  During the selection I and Sriraman (the originator of the idea of new dresses for kids) could not convince them with any choices of us (most of the time we were wrong in size) and with the time (no matter how late they sustained searching for right size).   Kutty Revathi has to reach home early but it was 10.30pm when we finished our purchase and to my wonder she didn’t show a slight change in her face and Nisha, she said that it’s her wedding anniversary while returning from our purchase at 11.00pm.  ‘Theresa of Cashedge’ Sriraman mentioned sometimes back in one of the Siragugal’s meeting about Nisha that moment flashed in my mind when she said that. And Revathi; I could not measure her enthusiasm, even late at night, in picking up the colorful Salwars. Without them, I know, this could have been a toughest job to be accomplished. 

            When I entered Bethel home I saw Mohanraj and his fianc√©e interacting with those kids.  I was on cloud nine when they recognized me and said ‘Hi’.  The minutes went more interestingly when they performed individually as we were waiting for others to join us.

I could commemorate what have happened on that day but could not really contemplate any of those kinds of homes being present under the sun for they have people who stay look like macro piece of diamonds left out during a cut, though precious sadly they are thrown away.  I have suffered from home sickness when I stayed far away from my family and literally cursed God when I ran out of money but here I saw kids praying for the life (as an orphan!) He gave, for the food they get and for the love they miss.

Typical design! Though, makes me believe God exist (in the form of love).

And again a very special thanks to the contributors who responded magically super fast when asked to “adopt a child for a day”.


  1. They look like angels...<3
    Touching post!...Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  2. touching ! Kudos to you and your team for making the day special for these lil angels ...well done !

  3. Thanks TTT. donno why they became so close to my heart... thanks again.

  4. Beautiful post, Satish!!! Heart warming!!! I see more good souls than not these days..bless your heart!

    1. Oh Bhavana, missing you in my space for a very long time and right time you pitched in...
      Thanks for the blessing... I dedicated your wishes and blessing to my lil angels :)

  5. that's such a noble thing to do! just the fact that u chose to call the little ones a kaleidoscope, is so heart warming! every child indeed is one, and very few are able to see them that way...but im sure they aren't unclaimed anymore...u guys have ensured that in ur own little way!

    (ps. could u do away with the word verification pls..some words are so twisted, i had to squint really hard to understand it!!!!)

    1. Hi Little Princess,
      Thanks for stopping by for our little angels...
      and that PS, will keep it in mind :) at least for you :) thank you so much

  6. Narrated well. Just loved these lil Angels.. You are doing a great job Sathish.. Keep it up :)

    1. Thanks Ashitha.
      Things are made possible because of the lovely people in the team... :)