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Monday, October 29, 2012

The hidden light...

Slowly I was sailing through every picture I took in Bethel home and for no reason I stopped at a picture.  I found her laughing godly.  I found her entirely different from all and I know her story as the care taker, the old mother, told me.   When I heard the story it was one among the story she told me but when I looked in her deeply today in the photograph I lost myself in thoughts imagined how it would be in her position. 

Many times I read to see god in everybody, but for that I need to see God in me.  Up to me at least I want to see me in whoever I see as only kids and a very few reflected the God in them and I found light in their eyes also I found them losing their light, the divine gift which is reflected in the eyes of very few, by their materialistic activities. And this little child, when I looked in to her eyes deeply their existed a melancholic rhythm of life could not understand the light that her eye emitted it was magical and mystical that gave me little bit of sadness in my nerves.  My gray cells could not identify the message it conveyed though it could recognize the mystery. 

And today I looked at her picture for a very long time and her smile, godly smile doesn’t looked like a smile but a cry of life, a smile of a wounded angel.  I recognized I am getting depressed and depressed every minute I looked at her picture. 

The old mother in the home told me that her father, when she was months old in the hands of her tribal mother, fell down from a tree and his back and hip bone broke.  Since he could no more do any work and run a family with a little kid his wife brought her little kid to the panchayat, laid her in the middle of all the people and walked away.

I know she was a very human so that she could not recognize the godliness in her.  Such a powerful eye she has got and mesmerizing smile.  Now when I sat before my computer, looked at her image and scratched my imagination to run a virtual picture what all could have happened I literally cried and thought I should share it with all and if possible I should show this girl to all in person because the light in her eyes, her smile, the curse she holds because of her mother stops my words to flow from up above. 


  1. Sathish,

    Was moved to read about this beautiful girl. Though her story brings a lump to the throat...Wonder, how a mother could abandon this beautiful girl!!
    ...thank you for sharing. Praying for every orphan who is waiting for a family...

    1. Thanks for the prayers... I am praying with you along.