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Monday, July 23, 2012

Words or Deeds, what teaches?

…the car engine is still in ignition.  Pappu who is just 6 years of old, waiting in the car with his note to show to his dad ‘Dad promised me to take me to swimming’ Pappu wrote a week back.  Pappu was told by his teacher to write down things in a small note if he wants to remember it for long time. 

Pappu’s dad asked him to stay in car and walked with Pappu’s grandmother holding her in his arms.  She could not walk fast so even he walked as much slowly as possible with his mother.  Tears rolled downed from her eyes, she remembered the day when her son started walking holding her hand.  They reached a room; he made her sit in her bed.   She leaned on her son’s shoulder to make his shirt wet with her tears.  ‘Just one thing I want nothing other than death in your lap’ she said and kissed.
He got up walked fast towards his car standing out. 

‘Grandma, is not coming?’  Pappu asked him the moment he opened the car door.
‘No, she has become old’ he said
‘So’ Pappu cried
‘So, she will stay back, now don’t cry’ he replied.  He accelerated the car.
‘Dad stop’ Pappu said
‘Now what’ he replied

Pappu took his note book wrote something and said ‘Ok, let’s go’

He accelerated the car again.  After few miles he asked him what he wrote.

Pappu showed him what he wrote, he stopped the car suddenly.  Leaned on his steering for few minutes and took a u turn to go back. 

‘Dad will be old one day ….’  
Pappu tried to put it in words properly but he could not so in the next line he wrote,
‘….. Old Age Home’ and checked the spelling looking at the name board.


  1. Deeds...

    You brought the reality in words though.

  2. i remember reading a similar story in school where a couple ill treats an old woman by providing her a separate bowl for food and once she dies, the grandchild saves the bowl saying that it will be of use when they get old.Good One Satish. Strong message.