We call ourselves Siragugal (The Wings); coalesced with the feather of hearts that wanna make our planet a better place to love and live. Come join us, lets challenge the pangs that was brought in by life's fangs.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

it's dark out there... usual late, I got down late night from my train and I was on my way home on legs.  Few steps on the way the world went dark, oh! That is a current political chaos – power cut.  Are you afraid of the dark is if the question, of course yes because that’s a hereditary gift from our forefathers which is the mother of the invention; electricity and light.  

I beheld myself and walked slowly in the dark.  Few steps ahead, my leg slipped and was about to fall when I placed my foot in a pit. Uff! My heart beats slightly increased.  I felt a slight pain as if something had stung, could be a snake crossing the road and I interrupted it or could be just a stone which popped out from the pit, I thought, okay I need to walk fast.  Somebody dashed me on my chest after few more rigorous steps, somebody walked dashing me.  It pained, my heart beat increased along with my fear.

I kept walking, a baby cried, a child called his mom for help, a bird squawked, dogs howled to make me hear the sound of my heart beats since I could not see anything in the night.  For a fetus in the womb, wet with Amniotic fluid, the heartbeats of the mother is the only sound which soothes and make it sleep and kinesics – science of human gestures – says that that is one reason why we tap our legs when we hold back our emotions and why children sleeps at tapping.  But my heart beats didn’t soothe me rather made me afraid.
Somebody came running near me and I could not see one when I stopped but shocked when it barked.  Should I bark back to make him understand that I am not a demon in the dark!  Adding fuel to fire, he barked, oh! That is not apt here; it’s like blowing air at the burning candle in night. 

 I believe in guardian angel, I called them out to help me reach or show me the light.  Let whatever happen, let me fall and get hurt, let the dog jump and suck my blood, let a snake put me into pang with its fang I am not goanna afraid, save me my guardian angel, I prayed and I was shown light – power supply is back.  I wiped my sweat along with my fear and walked as if I am never afraid.

I reached home.  Refreshed, ate, and lied in bed.  

 Replayed whatever happened before last 30 minutes back.  No visions but analyzed all that got registered in my black box – brain. 

I trembled to sustain in dark just for 10 to 15 minutes even after growing up, with strength in body and I wondered how saplings of life – miniature children – and matured trees of earth – elderly people sustain the darkness of being left alone without love and care. 

How did the children who were made orphan will sustain in this concrete chaos – this world.  They have to walk in the dark without light, without somebody to hold them tight.  They might slip and fall into the pit which this society has dug for those who live in darkness.  They might be cheated by love and get a hard hit in their chest in the name of money and treasure.   

They were the fetus who slept in Amniotic fluid listening to the heart beats of their mother until they came to this mortal world.  That was the only thing which soothed them after which, I pray, somebody teach them to pat themselves to sleep.  There are blood sucking dogs here, there are demons that could blow the burning light of confidence and love in their heart.  

Thank God!
There were few guardian angels to save them, though, they cannot be a mom or a dad but they feed them with love, care them with agape (the unconditional love), fuel the lamp and give them the confidence to live the life, teach them the society and make them alive.   
Though we cannot be one among the guardian angels, at least, let us fuel their lamp and salute those guardian angels. 

Come let’s join hands like the feathers of the wings and make those torn souls fly high.